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Late upload of my recent (three months ago i think) travel to Masbate.

To my friend, Tintin Co, who requested for me to make a cover of this. :)

Another upload! :)

babay! haha

Uploaded an audio of the cover I made of CUPS (When I’m Gone) from the movie Pitch Perfect. :D

Because it’s the month of February and…

As I was rereading this book “Emotional Purity” (I’ve read it two years ago), I was reminded of this unfinished song I made a few years back. The lyrics goes like this…

"Ever since I was a young girl, I’d think of you

Holding me tight in your arms

As if time won’t pass us by

Pass us by


What a wonderful sight

Seeing you by my side

We’d probably be doing things together

Things we love


But here I am

Thinking only of you

Yet I know I’m not ready myself

To be the person I will be to you


I’ll wait for you

When the right time comes, we’ll know

For He will be the one

To guide us to that special place where we’ll meet

We’ll meet”

I definitely need to finish this song! haha

A song that’s gonna remind me to seek God first before relationships. ;)

AND I highly recommend the book Emotional Purity by Heather Arnel Paulsen. ;) It taught me a lot about relationships and on guarding my heart.

Advance happy valentine’s day! <3

This song’s been playing on my head ever since a friend of mine shared it to me. lol